The Clarinotts are a unique chamber music group in today's music world. The members Ernst Ottensamer (solo clarinet of the Vienna Philharmonic) and his sons Daniel (also solo clarinet of the Vienna Philharmonic) and Andreas (solo clarinet of the Berlin Philharmonic) have made it their purpose to bring the repertoire for this rare formation closer to audiences.

The ensemble uses all the instruments from the clarinet family – which include not only the usual B clarinet, but also the basset horn, the bass clarinet, and the E flat clarinet. In this way their wide ranging repertoire starts from original pieces for one up to four clarinets and reaches specially composed and arranged compositions. The piano also plays an important part in their programmes, through the participation of Austrian pianist Christoph Traxler.

The Clarinotts are regular guests at Austria’s most important concert halls and festivals, including the Vienna Musikverein, the Brucknerhaus Linz, the Musikverein Graz, and Innsbruck Congress, among others.

Tours have led the trio to Italy, Japan, Germany, and the USA.

Their debut CD was released by Gramola in 2009.

Season 2012/13